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1609, 2017

RTWN041: You Are Profiting From The Pain Of Others!

Melbourne’s #1 WorkCover Consultant Mark Stipic challenges you to question whether it’s right to make a living out of Return To Work.

Think about it… In order for you to even have a job, someone needs […]

1009, 2017

RTWN040: Return To Work 101 – Kickstart Your Career

Veteran WorkCover Consultant Mark Stipic shares insights he recently revealed to university students from La Trobe University graduating from the Rehabilitation Counselling course. Whether you are in the early stages of your career, feeling stuck […]

1505, 2016

RTWN015: How to Sell RTW to Injured Workers

Mark Stipic takes you through three lessons in modern day sales processes and how they can be applied in Return To Work to improve your rehab outcomes.

Mark explains that a typical sales cycle includes:


603, 2016

RTWN007: Rock Solid Task Analyses with Andrew Funke

Founder of Job Fit in 2005, Andrew’s focus is providing businesses with preventative services to help them manage injuries in a proactive environment. Andrew has completed his Bachelor degree in Applied Science (Human Movement) […]

1402, 2016

RTWN000: Welcome to RTW Nation

This is Episode zero of RTW Nation where Mark Stipic explains why he’s doing a podcast about Return To Work and workers compensation, what you can expect from the show and why you should subscribe.


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