RTWN029: Future of RTW – Will Robots Steal Your Job in Return to Work?

Today I speculate  whether robots will put Return To Work Professionals out of a job as automation plays a bigger role in the future of RTW.

The processes I predict are vulnerable to automation include:

  1. How we handle Certificates of Capacity and reimbursement of wages for injured workers
  2. How we prepare RTW Plans and allocate tasks for non-injured […]

RTWN027: Are Your Safety Indicators Leading or Lagging? w/ Mark Stipic

Today you’ll hear something that doesn’t happen often (enough?) – I get up on my soapbox and have a little rant about Lost Time Injuries (LTIs).

You will learn about:

  • The 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill that resulted in 11 workplace fatalities and 17 injuries
  • How is it possible that Transocean would claim this was the best year for […]

RTWN022: How to Deliver Excellence Through Your Work w/ Jo Muirhead

Today I’m talking with Jo Muirhead, founder of PurpleCo.

Jo takes us through:

  • Her background as a Rehabilitation Counsellor and her transition from employment to self-employment
  • How she defines excellence as moving beyond compliance and prescription
  • How Jo teaches businesses to embrace excellence
  • She gives us her thoughts on people vs the paper […]