RTWN007: Rock Solid Task Analyses with Andrew Funke

Founder of Job Fit in 2005, Andrew’s focus is providing businesses with preventative services to help them manage injuries in a proactive environment. Andrew has completed his Bachelor degree in Applied Science (Human Movement) at the University of Ballarat. Since completing his degree he has continued his studies in OH&S.

Since 2015, Andrew has many ongoing relationships with his clients including: Dandenong City Council, Princes Laundry, Alsco, Cabrini Health, Cabrini Linen Services, Visy, Simplot and Royal Children’s Hospital.

Andrew’s background in human movement and personal training along with his knowledge in OHS makes his skillset very unique. This skillset allows him to develop detailed OHS documentation and provide informative and engaging training programs to ensure his clients and their employees are trained well and understand the importance of proper preparation and good manual handling techniques.

Andrew and I discuss:

  • where he got a name like Funke
  • What a Task Analysis is
  • How (and why) to teach staff to work safely
  • All businesses should do assessments on their work practices
  • The importance of internal and external consultation
  • Stretch Into Action
  • The pros and cons of video-based safety training
  • Corrective actions are good, but prevention is better

I summarise my key takeaways from talking with Andrew:

  1. Task Analyses can create a job dictionary, helping you to identify meaningful and productive suitable duties for injured workers
  2. Good Task Analyses can help reduce financial and legal exposure on common law claims
  3. A fitness program can help businesses address ageing workforce issues

I have a motivational quote – another Chinese proverb!

You can contact Andrew on 0414 873 401 or via the Job Fit website.

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