RTWN006: Using health and ergonomics to create a productive workplace with Ryan Ebert from PHW Group

Ryan Ebert is a Melbourne based Company Director, Physiotherapist and Entrepreneur.

Very passionate about the Health field, Ryan is now the CEO & co-founder of PHW (Productive Healthy Workplaces) Group Pty Ltd. A national Health Consulting group that partners with its clients to create and design healthier and more productive workplaces.

Make sure you listen right to the end because Ryan has a massive free offer exclusive to RTW Nation listeners. Learn how you can request a free one hour onsite consultation with written report, plus an ergonomics booklet and DVD (which alone is worth $149.95).

We discuss:

  • How to use health and productivity to make better workplaces
  • How to use ergonomics, workplace training and onsite injury prevention to drive long term change and improve productivity
  • How a healthy workplace leads to reduced absenteeism, better staff retention and reduced injuries
  • The health effects of sitting
  • The importance of alternating posture
  • Prolonged standing can be as bad as prolonged sitting
  • The “movement movement”

I summarise my key takeaways from talking with Ryan:

  1. Don’t forget the health message for your office workers
  2. Standing at work is not your silver bullet solution – alternating posture is key
  3. Employers need to get creative with workplace design

We also discuss Melbourne coworking space Inspire9.

Ryan suggests listeners can find further information at:

Ryan can be contacted via the PHW website or by phone on 1300 198 077.

You can also connect with Ryan on LinkedIn or follow him on Twitter.

I also discuss an event that I’m attending on Monday 21 March: ISCRR Research Forum: The role of General Practitioners in return to work.

I’ve attended an ISCRR forum in the past and it was incredibly valuable. In fact I even wrote a blog post about it and rounded up all the videos from the day. I did however feel that employers were a bit underrepresented and I know your contributions would be valued. So I urge you to join the discussion at this upcoming event.


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