RTWN035: How to improve RTW for workers experiencing pain w/ Anjelo Ratnachandra

Today’s guest on RTW Nation is Anjelo Ratnachandra. He is a director at AMS Consulting and director and physiotherapist at Beyond Pain where he treats people experiencing persistent pain. Anjelo is author of the book Beyond Pain.

We discuss:

  • Anjelo’s personal experience’s with pain
  • Why people can experience pain, even in the absence of physical diagnostic evidence
  • How to explain pain to someone who just doesn’t get it
  • Why pain messages are affected by temperature, touch and more
  • Why our emotions affect pain levels
  • The importance of goal setting
  • How to manage a Return To Work program for an injured worker experiencing pain

Plus we have a motivational quote from¬†Aristotle that was featured in Anjelo’s book.

Connect with Anjelo on LinkedIn and learn more at the Beyond Pain website.



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