RTWN033: How to Influence Culture by Sharing Stories w/ Shawn Callahan

Shawn Callahan is a master storyteller, founder of Anecdote and author of Putting Stories To Work. He works with companies across all fields of business to develop their strategic stories and successfully embed their strategies.

We discuss:

  • How Shawn moved from a technology career to storytelling
  • How stories influence culture
  • We’re all storytellers, but we often forget to tell stories in formal situations
  • Whatever you do, don’t introduce your story, just tell it
  • Many great leaders achieve influence through their use of stories
  • How to incorporate¬†stories into business strategy
  • How to deal with anti-stories
  • How to ask great questions

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Tweetable quotes¬†from today’s episode:

  • “If you want to change a culture, you need to change the stories that are told”
  • “People will only tell you the high level story until they really believe you care”
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