RTWN003: Rex Johnson from Jokama (2/2) on how to Survive a WorkCover Premium Audit


This is part two of my conversation with qualified accountant Rex Johnson from Jokama.

Rex and I discuss:

  • What sort of businesses are most at risk of getting their premiums wrong
  • What are WorkCover Industry Classifications and why are they important?
  • How to survive a premium audit

Rex finishes with a very special offer for podcast listeners with massive value for your business. You would be crazy not to take him up on this offer.

I give you my three big learnings from Rex:

  1. The art of delegating to the experts
  2. Review your WorkCover Industry Classification annually
  3. It’s OK to question decisions that are made on your WorkCover policy

You can contact Rex by visiting the Jokama website or calling the office on 03 9887 3988. That’s a Melbourne number but Jokama serves employers nationally around Australia.

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