RTWN028: Didier Elzinga from Culture Amp. A lesson from a culture first company

Employee engagement is more and more becoming recognised as an important leading indictor for injury prevention. So I’ve gone right to the source and interviewed a real influencer in culture and engagement.

Didier Elzinga knows what he’s willing to hurt for. He is CEO and co-founder of Culture Amp – a culture first software company that is building the world’s leading survey platform for people & culture.

We discuss:

  • What makes Culture Amp different in how they measure employee engagement
  • How to use data to inform, rather than decide
  • Why it’s important to measure multiple metrics, including your “people lens”
  • Lessons that “brick and mortar” businesses can learn from tech startups
  • How company values tie in with culture
  • How to deliver business outcomes through culture
  • The future of the Human Resources profession
  • Didier’s advice to people entering the Human Resources profession
  • What is a People Geek?

Check out Culture Amp’s surveys and subscribe to their People Geekly newsletter. You can connect with Didier on LinkedIn or follow him on Twitter.

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