RTWN026: Resilience – How to Define, Assess and Improve it w/ Rob Aurbach

In RTW Nation episode 26 I’m talking with Rob Aurbach. He’s a consultant who has spent much of his career helping policy-makers design compensation schemes. Rob has just released a free online resilience tool to help people assess and improve resilience.

Return To Work can be a stressful role at times and it’s helpful to have tools that can help you cope. Have a listen and you may also start thinking of possible applications resilience training could hold for your co-workers and the people you serve.

Workers compensation systems can be inherently stressful for injured workers and there is evidence that improving resilience could reduce the stress of being on workers compensation and may lead to improved rehabilitation outcomes.

We discuss:

  • Rob’s personal story
  • The history of resilience
  • The definition of resilience
  • The four resilience styles
  • How to assess and improve resilience
  • The potential applications of resilience training in workers compensation and more

Check out Rob’s site Uncommon Approach, take the resilience test and connect with Rob on LinkedIn.


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