RTWN020: How to Embrace (and Reduce) Complexity in RTW w/ Dr Jason Thompson

Today’s guest is Dr Jason Thompson, a Senior Research Fellow at Melbourne University’s School of Design and Adjunct Research Fellow with Monash University Accident Research Centre.

  • We learn about Jason’s history of clinical psychology and a brief stint in sales
  • What is individual complexity?
  • Why does it seem like complexity can increase so rapidly?
  • The upside of complex relationships
  • We can reduce complexity just as fast as complexity increases
  • Should we support injured workers in any way we can?
  • How does complexity fit into research design and policy?
  • Complexity is not an excuse to not do anything

I give you my 3 key take-aways:

  1. Issues are not the problem per se, the relationships between those issues are the challenge
  2. Reducing a small number of issues for an injured worker can deliver a massive return on investment by reducing complexity
  3. Researchers face the challenge of looking at how everyone and everything work in context

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Systems Complexity – Dr Jason Thompson, ISCRR from ISCRR on Vimeo.


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