RTWN002: Rex Johnson from Jokama (1/2) talks Rateable Remuneration and WorkCover Premiums


Here is the first half of my conversation with Rex Johnson. Rex is a qualified accountant and founder of Jokama Australasia Group. Rex is a former Senior Manager of the WorkCover Audit Group with Ernst & Young and former Senior Investigator and Branch Manager of the Investigations Branch at the State Revenue Office.

I start off by explaining why this an important episode because it will help you:

  1. Grow your network and help others solve their problems
  2. Become a linchpin within your business
  3. Progress your career

Rex and I discuss:

  • What on earth does “Jokama” mean?
  • We end the debate on how to pronounce remuneration
  • How WorkCover premiums are calculated
  • Why it is so hard to get your declarations of rateable remuneration right
  • The sort of things that should and shouldn’t be declared as rateable remuneration
  • How to recover potentially overpaid premiums and get a refund cheque

I finish off with a motivational quote from author Tim Sanders.

You can contact Rex by visiting the Jokama website or calling the office on 03 9887 3988. That’s a Melbourne number but Jokama serves employers nationally around Australia.

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