RTWN018: Should You Stop Chasing Work Life Balance? w/ Fiona Redding

Today’s guest on RTW Nation is Fiona Redding, founder of The Happiness Hunter and co-host of Business Addicts the podcast.

I first encountered Fiona when I heard her speak at Disrupt HR Melbourne in 2015 and you can watch Fiona’s presentation here. I wanted to get her on the show because she has a unique take on work life balance…… it’s all LIFE.

It’s easy to be stressed when you work in RTW and I know I’ve been tempted to segregate my work and family life in the past. But perhaps there’s a better way. Fiona calls it Life Integration.

Fiona and I discuss:

  • How and why she discovered Life Integration as an alternative to work/life balance
  • How are you living your life, with work being just one component?
  • The increase of Free Agents in the workforce
  • Allowing work to become part of your life can make it more rewarding
  • Be honest with yourself
  • What are your drivers, values and vision
  • Grit
  • Happiness Hunter Walks

I read out a listener review from a motivated RTW Professional plus I have a motivational quote from author Daniel Pink.

Make sure you visit The Happiness Hunter website and have a listen to the Business Addicts podcast.

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  1. Derek Whitney 12 July 2016 at 4:39 pm

    Terrific collaboration between two passionate professionals Mark and Fiona Redding.
    Loved the content shared by Fiona and the lateral approach to sharing helpful information on RTW Nation by you Mark.
    It is all about living the most honourable way that we can gift the universe our authentic and unique talent/abilities ….which, when we get it right, is not a chore, is not work, but is being who we naturally are and doing what we love.
    If and when each of us gets that right…..the rewards are far more than money….more rich than merely material and the money takes care of itself when the work is of value to the universe.

    Great podcast and appreciating your work Mark (& Fiona).


    • MarkStipic 12 July 2016 at 4:59 pm

      Thanks Derek, glad to hear you enjoyed it! Fiona’s pretty clearly passionate about this and she’s on the right path I reckon. I learned a lot from our chat and I appreciate your comments too.

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