RTWN016: A People-First Approach to Safer Workplaces w/ Andrew Barrett

Andrew Barrett is the Chief Change Agent at Fidesa. He brings safety with a difference to small and medium businesses.

Andrew and I discuss:

  • Safe work is good for business
  • How to deliver business results through good safety practice
  • Why safety doesn’t need to be completely dependent on policies and procedures
  • How safety professionals – and RTW professionals – can fix their image problem
  • Taking a people-first approach to safety
  • How to ignite change when your workplace is stuck in a safety rut
  • How RTW and OHS professionals can collaborate to support injured workers who are fearful of re-injury

Plus I have a motivational quote from Seth Godin.

You can learn more about Andrew by visiting the Fidesa website. Connect with Andrew on LinkedIn and follow him on Twitter.

Andrew’s podcast Safety on Tap launched in June 2016. Make sure you check it out!

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