RTWN014: The Intersection of Research & Policy w/ Prof Alex Collie

Professor Alex Collie is CEO of the Institute For Safety Compensation and Recovery Research (ISCRR).

ISCRR is a research and innovation collaboration between Monash University, WorkSafe Victoria and the Transport Accident Commission (TAC).

Alex and I discuss:

  • The objectives of ISCRR
  • Practical examples of how ISCRR research has shaped policy
  • The personality attributes of a supervisor that can influence on-the-job safety
  • ISCRR’s process for prioritizing research areas
  • How to capture unreported data
  • Where do people go when they exit a compensation scheme?
  • The three types of research used to come up with findings
  • Lagging Indicators vs Leading Indicators
  • The negative health effects of compensation systems
  • How you can get involved with ISCRR

I give you my 3 key take-aways from talking with Alex:

  1. The challenge of impartiality
  2. Leading Indicators
  3. The system designed to help people get better is actually making them worse

Also discussed in this episode is my blog post “What Does The Data Say?” and ISCRR’s forum Does Injury Compensation Cause Harm and you can watch the videos here.

You can access research and learn more by visiting the ISCRR website. You can also follow Alex on Twitter.


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