RTWN010: How To Create Culture & Commitment to RTW with Professor Greg Murphy

In the second half of my interview with Professor Greg Murphy of La Trobe University we discuss:

  • The value of offering your workforce top quality medical treatment
  • Employers need to walk the walk
  • Senior management must respond to incidents immediately
  • The “Occupational Bond” – a concept developed by Donald Shrey
  • Social support is important but it needs to be the right support
  • The power of respect
  • The value of creating success stories

Greg recommends Disability Management and Workplace Integration as a great resource for rehabilitation professionals wanting to implement company-wide improvement.

My 3 take-aways from today’s episode:

  1. Workplace change needs to come from the top and it takes time
  2. Rehab professionals need to be able to raise a critical question of senior management in a way that shows you are not scared to probe
  3. Even the toughest cases (the bad eggs) can be traced back to some sort of failure by the employer. Learn from it.

Also discussed in this episode is the book To Sell Is Human.

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I have completed the Postgraduate Diploma in Rehabilitation Studies at La Trobe University and I strongly endorse the course for anyone pursuing a career in rehab and workers comp. Learn more about the course here and find out about the Australian Society Of Rehabilitation Counsellors.


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