RTWN001: Sam Smith from Rehab Management talks Occupational Rehabilitation and Original Employer Services

My guest on RTW Nation today is Sam Smith. Sam is Group Manager VIC/Tas/SA/WA/ACT with Occupational Rehabilitation Provider Rehab Management.

Sam takes us through:

  • how Original Employer Services works,
  • the importance of early intervention,
  • some of the non-workcover work Rehab Management does
  •  how to decide when you should (or should not) engage a rehab provider

I also have a motivational quote for you – well, actually a Chinese proverb.

Sam suggests the WorkSafe Clinical Framework for the Delivery of Health Services is a resource RTW professionals should educate themselves on. Try to adopt some of these yourself and check whether your workers’ medical providers are keeping to it.

Check out the Rehab Management website or give them a call on 03 9011 2517. That’s a Melbourne number but they are a national organisation.


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